In today‟s world of rapid globalization and emerging international markets, managers are challenged in all spheres of their professional life and have difficulty coping up with the rising demand and work pressure. Due to the exacting nature of work in the present day context, the individual is left with little or no time to pursue higher learning. BCNS Group aims at providing the best of both worlds.

We offer several courses like BBA, MBA and MHRM, thereby enabling you to explore new ways of conducting business at a more complex, integrated and multi-disciplinary level.

Keeping the needs of the working professional in mind, BCNS Group has come out with an Executive MBA (EMBA) program. This is offered exclusively to corporate managers whose roles draw on the complex matrix of managerial, organizational and analytical skills upon which success is now built.



Our Distance Learning Management programs allow candidates to remain in employment and pursue other courses simultaneously. Unlike fulltime programs, it does not disrupt the candidate‟s career and earning power. The students are thus, able to complete the Management Program at their own place and pace. We provide the following facilities for our students:-

 Good course material/counselling

 Well developed class rooms

 Infrastructure facility to conduct web based teaching

 Video conferencing

 Contact classes during weekends and holidays

 Experienced faculties/well equipped digital library

Our teaching methods include lectures, case studies, projects and presentations. Our virtual learning environment is designed to support teaching and learning, in an educational setting. This will supplement traditional face-to-face classroom activities. At BCMS Group, we ensure that our students become complete and successful managers in the shortest possible time manage their business with increased forethought and live up to the demands of corporate environment.


Current We Offer

EMBA - 1 Year program (Finance, Marketing, System, Project)

MHRM - 2 Year program

BBA - 3 Year Program

MBA - 2 Year Program

Microsoft Exam (MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCTS, MCITP)

Look forward to see you as an expert in the field of management specialization.
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